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Our Advocates

Ignited many passions and unhidden talent…

Many thanks Maree and Linda for everything. You have ignited many passions and unhidden talent among many of us. Personally, I have learnt a lot from both of you. You have made a huge, positive contribution in shaping up our people. Keep flying high.

Roopa Dhawan, Leader Vietnam
Mindshare, 2017

A unique breed of trainers…

Linda and Maree are a unique breed of trainers who can land the value of training on the business. Training is not theoretical but practical – stuff you can go out and apply tomorrow (hell, today!). They also possess the emotional intelligence to become mentors and guides for those whom they train well into the future.

Amrita Randhawa, CEO, Greater China
Mindshare, 2017

World class leaders in their field…

Maree and Linda are truly unique and world-class leaders in their field. GroupM would not be the market leader it is today without their contribution. The energy, passion and skills that they have, they artfully transfer to all those fortunate to be in their programmes.

Mark Patterson, CEO Asia/Pacific
GroupM, 2017

In-depth understanding of our industry…

I liked the Hummingbirds trainer’s style and ease of engagement; she modelled what she was teaching and she has an in-depth understanding of our industry and what we are actually doing. I have always avoided Powerpoint presentations and having this method to put my discussion into a story is just perfect for me.  I can take my clients on a journey so much more easily than just talking at them.

Jude Taylor, GM Agency Sales
Mediaworks, 2017

Fantastic facilitators…

Linda and Maree are fantastic facilitators. Loved the different perspectives, discussions and occasional difference of opinion. The pace was perfect, giving proper time for thought.

Ben Lightfoot, Managing Director
Ogilvy, 2018

Extensive experience…

Maree and Linda both excelled during their time in media but have found their true calling in L&D. They tap into their extensive experience to connect with their participants and make the learning relevant and engaging. I have worked with them on many projects at GroupM including coaching with Linda and a customised leadership project with Maree. I look forward to collaborating with them further as The Hummingbirds.

Sanjana Shirke, Head of Learning and Development India

A preferred training partner…

People are our most important asset and training has always been a differentiator for us. After working with both Maree and Linda (on and off) since the early 1990s, I am delighted they have taken the plunge into their own business as The Hummingbirds, a WPP preferred training partner. I wish them all the success that they so richly deserve.

John Steedman, Executive Chairman, Media Investment Management Australia/NZ
WPP AUNZ, 2017

Most definitely makes our people better…

We’re a services business so people are our business. The better they are, the better we are, and Linda and Maree most definitely make them better. With years of experience, they have got this absolutely down pat. You can actually see the fine tuning in their workshops. I also love the way they facilitate an ongoing relationship beyond the programmes. This is very good stuff. I can’t get enough of it.

Nigel Douglas, Managing Director NZ
Mediacom, 2017

Personal experiences to make the lessons relatable…

Every session, be that a local workshop in Australia or an overseas residency in APAC, has been invaluable to me and my career.  Having both had successful careers themselves in advertising and media, they draw upon their own personal experiences to make the lessons relatable and they always look to update the content to keep it fresh and relevant to the industry today.

Adam Ross. Content Lead
Coca Cola, 2018

Uniquely suited to give this training…

I found the sales programme really educational. I felt like the more Maree and Linda made it personal to them and personal to our business, the more impactful it became overall. They are uniquely suited to give this training as I felt it was a genuine reflection of learnings and experience of their past in combination with their fun and open personalities that came throughout the process making it not feel laborious but fun engaging and beneficial.

Shaun Profeta, Head of Strategy, Sydney
the projects*, 2017

Collective wealth of experience and knowledge…

As a result of Linda and Maree’s collective wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of our industry, the workshop was so relevant in every way.

Fay Sorenson, Client Services Director
OMD, 2018

A highlight in my professional career…

Working with the Hummingbirds has been a highlight in my professional development. Their personable, engaging approach creates an atmosphere of learning that is beyond motivating. I found myself waking up energized to return to their course every morning – a rare motivation in the corporate world.

Damien Viviani, Sydney Investment Lead
Mindshare, 2018

A lasting impact…

Maree and Linda have made a lasting impact across our company. They are widely known, loved and respected for their training skills and devotion to talent development. Several of our senior management team have credited training conducted by them as a key factor in their career growth and success. I have no doubt they will power a whole new generation to greater success in life.

Kevin Clarke, Chairman Thailand and Myanmar
GroupM, 2017

An asset to any client…

Two super bright awesome human beings who wear their passion for developing people on their sleeve! Highly skilled in their area, enthusiastic, and will be an asset to any client who uses The Hummingbirds for their L&D initiatives.

Ashutosh Srivastava, Chairman & CEO, AMEA & Russia/CIS
Mindshare, 2018

Practical coaching sessions…

The trainer mixed us up well to get exposure to different perspectives. The practical coaching sessions allowed us to practise what we learned straight away, identify the areas we needed to improve and also allow us to learn from the others.

Anita Baba, Strategy Director
Starcom, 2018

Second to none…

Experiencing an event with Linda and Maree as your facilitators is second to none. Their passion for what they do, combined with an exacting attention to detail and high-quality mindset means you are skilfully yet entertainingly guided through your learning journey.

Angela Ryan, Chief HR and Talent Officer Asia/Pacific
GroupM, 2017

Really made you stop and think…

The programme really made you stop and think of the short and long-term consequences for certain decisions. I felt I got a lot out of it in terms of questioning what was my personal responsibility versus my staff’s responsibility (“Does it need to be done by me?”). It was great to work with a team and discuss and debate the answers.

Elizabeth Baker, Trading Director
Zenith Media, 2018

Fun and inclusive…

It was great that The Hummingbirds have practical experience in advertising and media so we could directly relate it back to what we do day to day. Fun and inclusive environment. Everyone in the agency should be doing this course (Two day SELL advanced presentation skills workshop).

Lauren Brown, Account Director
PHD, 2018

High expectations and it exceeded what I thought…

The programme was excellent. I had high expectations and it exceeded what I thought I would gain. Tools and frameworks to apply when making business decisions, points of reference that demonstrate these in action, empathy for those in leadership and inspired to be better whilst knowing how to be better.  Totally brilliant!

Kasey Doran, Strategy Director
Starcom, 2018

An infectious passion for what they do…

Linda and Maree are not only the best trainers, facilitators and coaches, but they also want you to become the best too! They are truly gifted, have an infectious passion for what they do, and are brilliant fun to work with.

Lizzie Nolan, APAC Head of Integrated Strategy
BBH, 2018